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52 Plus Joker Playing Card Collector’s Convention coming to Schaumburg October 20-22nd

SCHAUMBURG, IL (October 10th, 2016) – Playing card collectors, esteemed artists, and world-famous manufacturers will travel from around the globe converging in Schaumburg for a weekend of celebration dubbed by many as the Comic-con of the playing card industry Oct 20-22, 2016, at the Hyatt Regency in Schaumburg, Illinois.

If you love playing cards, then you should be at this convention. No matter if you only buy brand new decks from KickStarter, collect airline decks from the 1960s, or even own some antique decks inherited from your relatives – we’re all brought together by our shared passion for playing cards.

The tradeshow consists of informative talks and personal insights by esteemed collectors and industry insiders. Feverish trading, healthy sales, and eye-popping auctions for decks ranging from $3 to $3000 also keep attendees busy throughout the day. Not to mention, there’s an overwhelming sense of comradery with this inclusive group. This is probably why the 52 Plus Joker’s annual convention continues to grow exponentially every year, with a high rate of return.

For a short period of time, on Saturday, October 22nd, 52 Plus Joker opens their closed doors to the general public for free. We encourage people to come out and bring cards with them. Think of us as the experts who can tell you what kind of decks you have, the condition they are in, and what they’re worth. By opening up for a few hours to the public, it increases our chances of having something extraordinary walk through the doors. We never know what to expect!

The officers of 52 Plus Joker are expected to unveil the much-anticipated 2016 club deck during the Expert Playing Card Company reception. Historically, this special deck is designed by a world-famous artist specifically for the club members. You cannot purchase it anywhere else, and you must be a member of the club to buy some, making it a true collectible for those who appreciate playing cards. We’ve outdone ourselves this year in regards to who was chosen to create the club deck. When the world sees who and what was created, these cards will be bought up en mass and cherished for years to come.

Open to the public for free on Saturday, October 22nd from 1PM – 2:30PM. For more information, please visit

About 52 Plus Joker:

Founded in 1985, the American Playing Card Collector’s Club better known as 52 Plus Joker was formed to cater to the interests of antique, vintage, and modern deck collectors. The club’s sole purpose is sharing information & stimulating interest in the collecting of playing cards & related items. Each year, they hold a convention in a different part of America where legendary collectors & designers hobnob with premier card manufacturers, and talk playing cards with die-hard enthusiasts.

Media Contact:
Lee Asher – President
(416) 489-8255


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