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A Digital Take on Tipping

Image of Tip CalculatorThere’s a middle ground in the world of tipping that lies between leaving a $100 tip for a cup of coffee and “LOL” on the check’s tip line, which was the cheap-shot “tip” a New Jersey server recently received.

A hospitality worker, whether a taxi driver, hotel room housekeeper, or restaurant server, often relies upon tips to help bridge the gap between their salary and paying their rent. We need to keep this in mind as we sit there trying to calculate a percentage using our grade school math skills.

Most everyone knows the quick and easy guidelines to help you through a few of the calculations.

Drivers and Airport Personnel

  • Taxi driver – 10% to 15% tip on the total bill is appropriate
  • Hotel shuttle driver – If the tip is not included in the cost of your ride, tip 15% – 20% of your bill
  • Skycaps or any other baggage handler – $1 – $2 per bag

Hotel Personnel

  • Bellman – $1 – $2 per bag
  • Concierge – Depends upon what special service or reservation was made, but $10 or more is appropriate.
  • Hotel room housekeeper – $2 – $3 per night
  • Room service – 15% – 18% of bill before taxes
  • Valet or Doorman who hails a taxi for you – $2 – $5 each time

Restaurant Personnel

  • Servers at a sit-down restaurant – 15% – 18%
  • Jar on the counter? – Your call

But if you never got the hang of figuring out percentages in your head, or if you’re having dinner with three friends and spend way too much time trying to figure out what everyone owes, avoid all stress and download one of many nifty FREE TIP APPS from Apple iTunes or Google Play Store. There’s even one that will calculate splitting the bill and everyone’s tip share.

In a split second, all the calculations are made. Tipping doesn’t get easier than this! Put a smile on a hospitality employee’s face – TIP WELL, TIP OFTEN!

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