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“A Knight to Remember”

Take 2 - Everyone's listening!by Pricilla Maly, Take 2 Blogger

This was our visit to Medieval Times and, as it turned out, a great opportunity to travel back in time with my 6-year-old son, Owen. Where else can you enjoy jousting, falconry and feasting on “baby dragon” as our serving “wench” called it. The dinner show was as engaging for me as it was my son! I personally loved the horses. I was fascinated by their beauty and skill. My son on the other hand was more excited by the tournament, cheering throughout the night “GO RED KNIGHT…GO RED KNIGHT!”

Owen & Pricilla at Medieval Times

Owen & Pricilla at Medieval Times

The price of admission can really add up so be on the look out for discounts and promotions. Arrive early. Although you can pay to sit at the first two rows, general admission is first come first served. If you come early there are plenty of things to do. You can explore the great hall. It’s filled with lots of gift shops where you can buy souvenirs or even your own sword! You can visit the horse stables, get a drink at the bar with a souvenir glass and even be knighted! If you have time you can also visit the Torture Chamber for a small fee. However if you have a young child you may want to skip this attraction unless you want to answer a lot of difficult questions about the unsavory methods of the Dark Ages.

The servers stay in character for the most part, which is always good for a laugh and the kids really enjoy it. Be sure to bring cash for flags for your kiddies to cheer on their section’s knight. And also be prepared to tip your server at the end of the show. Our serving “wench” was very friendly and efficient. The food is fit for a king but the menu is set, no choices to make. However Vegetarian meals are available upon request. Be warned tOwen & Pricilla at Medieval Timeshere was no silverware in medieval times therefore you have to eat with your bare hands. They provide a hand wipe after the meal but you may want to bring hand wipes for before and even in between. It can get messy! But overall it was a fun night that will no doubt leave us all with fond memories. Owen loved it! He cheered throughout the whole show. He made sure I was paying attention instead of taking pictures and kept insisting “Mommy watch!”

by Owen, age 6

“It was really fun even though our knight didn’t win. But he did come in second place!!! I want to be a knight, mommy, and use my sword to fight! Can you buy me a sheild?”

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