Boomers Baseball Hits it
Out of the Park

Get ready to play ball with the Schaumburg Boomers!

Take yourself out to the ball game.

It’s just as you remember it. Bright lights, green fields, the roar of the crowd as one of our all-star Schaumburg Boomers steps up to the plate. You’ll enjoy tasty fan favorites like nachos, pretzels and hot dogs with a refreshingly ice-cold soda pop or beer. Many games end with a dazzling BOOM of fireworks.

But, at Boomers Stadium, we’re taking America’s favorite pastime to a new level. We’re here to celebrate the fans—ALL of the fans! From your smallest sluggers to the most avid baseball enthusiasts, there’s something for everyone. And, with our special theme nights, you’ll experience the game like never before.

Use the force on Star Wars Night. Prove that baseball isn’t just for muggles on Harry Potter eve or visit the “upside-down” as the Boomers celebrate Stranger Things. Claim the Iron Throne for yourself with our Game of Thrones theme, or bring your favorite furry pal to Bark in the Park. Make Family Sundays a family favorite or get a little looney when Chuck Jones Center for Creativity’s brings Looney Tunes to life. But that’s just the beginning—from daily free kid-friendly activities to a roster full of fan-favorite themes, there’s something for everyone!

Find all of our special events.

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Meet Coop the Boomer!

Full name: Coop the Great Prairie Chicken
Job: Mascot of the Schaumburg Boomers
Hidden talent: It’s not so hidden, but dancing my booming dance! Keep an eye on me at games—you might just see me strut my stuff!
Food of choice: At the baseball field, I’ll eat pretzels, popcorn and even hot dogs! But when I’m feeling peckish at home, I like snacking on small seeds and fruits—I try to stay healthy.
Personal slogan: Here comes the boom!
Favorite sport: Baseball, of course!
Favorite team: Do you really need to ask? Go Boomers!

What is a Boomer?
In Boomer’s Stadium, they’re our favorite Frontier League baseball team with fun-loving, devoted fans. But, across the prairies of Illinois, they’re something else. If you are very quiet and very lucky, you might just hear the “booming” of the Great Prairie Chicken. This unique sound is made by males as a courting method. They puff up their bright orange air sacks on their neck, and the resulting “booming” sound attracts female chickens.

That’s where the nickname Boomer comes from—simple as that! But there’s a lot more to these chickens than their boom. Now endangered, millions used to be found on prairies across the Great Plains. They are now a protected species, and scientists are working to reintroduce them to the wild. These friendly fowls are well known for their courtship rituals and colorful markings, but these boomers have one more secret to hide—they’re not chickens but are actually related to the grouse family!