Chicago Northwest Strong Promise

At Meet Chicago Northwest, the health and well-being of our community is our number one priority. With restrictions being lifted in Illinois, we all must do our part to ensure that our region is committed to implementing the recommended safety precautions and protocol changes.

Alongside Illinois’, “It Only Works If You Wear It” campaign, the ‘Chicago Northwest Strong Promise’ is a new tool designed for local businesses to publicly showcase their commitment to their customers’ safety and health. It is our intention that it be used as a resource for our communities to remind and reinforce the government recommended safety precautions.

Let’s be Chicago Northwest Strong together!Chicago NW Strong


Chicago Northwest Promises To:
Our Guests Promise To:
Wear A Mask

Require and encourage face protection when interacting with others.

Chicago Northwest Promise - Wear a mask
Wear face protection

Masks must be worn at all times you are in contact with others.


Wash our hands frequently, have hand sanitizer available, and follow CDC standards of cleaning and sanitation.

Wash Hands

Wash and sanitize hands before entering and after exiting a business.

Social Distance

Enforce government mandated social distancing and capacity guidelines.

Be Responsible

Follow social distancing guidelines and stay home if you are feeling ill or exhibit any symptoms.

Care for our employees

Conduct wellness screenings and train employees on Covid-19 safety procedures.

Be Respectful

It is a difficult and confusing time for everyone. Please remember to be kind and patient to others.