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FireZone – “A Fun Place to Play”

by Jorie Meyer, Take 2 bloggerTake 2 - Everyone's listening!

“An ambulance, a boat, wow mom, look at that!” Those were just some of the words from the mouth of my 3.5 year old boy as we walked into FireZone.
Justin (my husband), myself, Payton (my 3.5 year old), and Macie (my 16 month old daughter) visited FireZone for the first time last week. We arrived around 12:30pm for their drop in play and were among only a few other families. At first glance, I thought to myself, how are we going to spend more than 30 minutes at this place? But boy was I wrong! Paytons imagination took off as he was pretending to rescue an infant from a burning house, drive a rescue boat with not one, but three life jackets on, and drive the fire truck with full gear on! He loved it.

Justin & Payton at FireZone

Justin & Payton

When the open play time had come to an end, it was hard to get Payton to leave! He had to slide down the pole one more time and call for help from the dispatch center! As we exited the building, we noticed an old fire truck and ambulance outside and around the corner. Payton climbed on the fire truck and looked inside the ambulance. He thought it was pretty cool.
As I buckled him in the car, Payton looked at me and said “Thanks mom, I had fun!” Smiles, laughs, hugs, and thank yous! Success!
Other highlights include a dispatch center, playhouse with slide, fire pole, ambulance, water city simulator, and hands on activities. Both my kids enjoyed exploring at their own pace and sliding, crawling and jumping on the structures.

Payton set to put out a fire!


Regular price admission is $9, which is too expensive for an outing for my kids. However, they do have coupons, groupons and other deals floating around, so keep your eye out! Drop in play times are only available on Wednesday and Fridays, which made it difficult as I am a full time working mother. They had a family bathroom and two other accessible bathrooms that were very clean. The facility is not very big and as I mentioned, requires an imagination. I recommend visiting FireZone, we all had a good time!

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