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Golf that is fun for everyone – Topgolf!

by Regina Caillot, Take 2 blogger

Take 2 - Everyone's listening!

Recently, my family and I decided to visit Topgolf in Wood Dale, IL. As we approached the venue, I realized that it is much more than a driving range. I noticed a restaurant with an outside patio, a mini golf course, and Salt Creek Golf Club, a full size golf course, is located next door.

We went inside to check it out and followed the signs to the check- in area. The staff was very friendly and asked if we had been there before. When we replied that we had not, they went on to explain the concept of their main game “Top Shot”. Essentially, it is a combination of bowling and darts. Every person gets their own golf balls that have been micro-chipped, so that when they make it into a target hole, the points get attributed to the correct player. Each person gets 20 balls per round and all the scores are kept electronically.

Not being avid golfers, we arrived without clubs, which was not a problem. The desk attendants helped each of us pick a set of clubs that we could use to play. They even had clubs for our children.

The venue is large. There are three floors and the staff explained that since we had children, it would be best to go upstairs so they would be able to see the targets, as opposed to shooting at flags from the ground.

Caillot Family at Topgolf Wood Dale

Caillot Family at Topgolf Wood Dale

Once we picked out a bay to shoot from, we each went to collect a bucket of balls from the micro-chipping machine. The entire process is self- explanatory and was very easy to understand.

Each bay is also attended by waitstaff, since it is possible to order food and have it brought out to your table. The bays are all outside, but covered and climate controlled, and are very comfortable. Each bay has its own seating area with comfy chairs and a table to enjoy your food. The menu has something for everyone, including adult beverages.

When we were leaving, we noticed that the bays were really filling up. We had arrived at 11am and will do that again on our next visit. Topgolf is a really fun and original way to spend some quality time together.

by Mason Caillot

Topgolf is AWESOME!!! It’s fun for everybody, even if you aren’t a great golfer. The staff was really nice, and I loved how you can track your scores, because of the micro-chipped balls. If you get hungry, there is a menu, and you can order anything from drinks, to burgers, to injectable doughnut holes. The whole experience was really fun.


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