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Holidays at Home: Take Home Turkey Day

Plan your Thanksgiving in Chicagoland.Thanksgiving is the crown jewel of meals, and sometimes just thinking about it can make your stomach growl. But preparing your meal for Turkey Day can be stressful, and quite frankly, 2020 has been stressful enough. So whether you are your family’s designated chef (quietly looking forward to a year without cooking) or you’re entirely culinarily dependent on family and friends, Holidays At Home is a resource for you!

This Thanksgiving, the CDC recommends having scaled-down celebrations, which means that the holiday feasts will look slightly different. Some will utilize video chats to connect with family and friends from afar, and others will attend small gatherings with their designated pods. But the big question remains….

“What about the food?”

Let’s start by talking turkey. According to the National Turkey Federation (yes, that’s a real thing), around 40 million turkeys are gobbled up during Thanksgiving annually. That’s A LOT of turkeys! However, this year, since there will be fewer people at Thanksgiving gatherings, more people will purchase smaller turkeys. With farmers struggling to keep up with the higher demand for turkeys, this problem could lead to a supply shortage. But Meet Chicago Northwest has a solution.

The Capital Grille - Sides Galore in Chicagoland

Holidays At Home is an initiative for the Chicago Northwest suburbs that eliminates the obligation to cook while supporting local restaurants struggling during these challenging times. From turkey to crab legs, and everything in between, these excellent Chicago Northwest restaurants have your holiday meal covered for a fair price. Ditch the apron and avoid the cleanup by taking home your Turkey Day! Let’s start planning!

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