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Just 2 Quick Minutes Could Save You Thousands on Your Next Meeting

Nothing is easier and more cost-effective than booking your convention in Chicagoland with Meet Chicago Northwest’s “Conventions Simplified” Package.

You’ve got everything to gain by taking a look at this fast-paced, 2-minute video telling you about all the features of this special, affordable convention package developed by our hotels specifically for your event.

We’ve got you covered from the ease of getting the ball rolling with one single point of contact, to inclusive rental fee, transportation, flexible attrition, complimentary WiFi, and double loyalty points.

In addition, Chicago Northwest offers over 100 restaurants and three major shopping centers all within a 1-mile radius of the Schaumburg Convention Center.

Take a 2-minute look at this special “Conventions Simplified” package created. These two minutes may save you hours and dollars!

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