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LEGO aficionados visit LEGOLAND Discovery Center

By Kim, Max and Michael Herbst, Take 2 bloggerTake 2 - Everyone's listening!

After a recent visit to LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago (Schaumburg, Illinois) with my sons, 5-year-old Michael and 6-year-old Max, I made my own discovery that this place was the perfect solution for those random rainy days or free afternoons.

For my little LEGO aficionados, this place represented their dream world–a chance to walk through a few rooms showing off some amazing brick masterpieces, from jungle animals to the city of Chicago. It also gave them the opportunity to stretch their imagination with some interactive activities like the indoor, pirate-themed playground, a 4-D cartoon viewing experience, and several areas to become “master builders” themselves.

We literally own thousands (yes, thousands…blame Grandma) of LEGOS, and I wasn’t expecting my kids to be interested in taking the time to make their own creations…and surprising they were just as excited to build as they were to ride on the Kingdom Quest laser ride or the very gentle, yet fun Merlin’s Apprentice flying attraction.

From a parent’s view point, this LEGOLAND offers a little of everything in a very convenient, suburban location. It offers a manageable amount of activities that you could easily get through in an afternoon, but could just as well spend the entire day if your youngsters’ energy levels permit.

20150630_111226I would definitely recommending budgeting a little money to spend in the gift shop. All guests must exit through the LEGO store, so it’s likely your little ones will be drawn to some of the merchandise, and it might be nice to get something for them to take home to remember their special day.

Max says, “I think the best part of LEGOLAND was having the chance to build my own race car and getting it to zoom down the tracks. Oh, and I liked that ride where we pedaled in the air (Merlin’s Apprentice)…that was so cool!”

My younger son Michael shared a different perspective. When I asked him his favorite part, he replied, “Getting to pick something out of the LEGO store.” Well, a little materialism never hurt anyone. He also was quick to add that he loved seeing the Chima cartoons, and the special effects that accompanied that experience.

Overall, who would ever think those little bricks could create such an adventure? Well, it does! There’s a little something for everyone. The entire family left LEGOLAND with beaming smiles, literally making this family sing, “Everything is Awesome!”


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