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Rapunzel at Metropolis Performing Arts Centre

by Dina Lunceford, Take 2 blogger

Take 2 - Everyone's listening!The “Rapunzel” play at the Metropolis was a perfect play production for the younger audience. The theater is intimate and inviting. The environment is well kept and clean. The staff at the theater were pleasant. Individuals of all ages including parents, grandparents and children would like the facility. This production was kept to about an hour which allows the younger children adequate time to pay attention and avoid getting fidgety in their seats. This also helps younger families who have children that need time for naps and feeding schedules. I also found the actors to be energetic and truly enjoy the role they were playing in the production. Audience participation played a big role in this play which was fun for myself and my child. It is so important to keep the audience engaged and they did a great job with this. Humor also played a big role in this play as well. The actors were all laughing, dancing and enjoying themselves on stage. Their costumes were colorful. Finally, the theater is conveniently located in downtown Arlington Heights which has a variety of restaurants and shops to enjoy.

by Rebecca

My daughter loves going to plays. She especially loves seeing plays that involve a character or princess of any kind or a fairytale story. This truly captures her attention. My daughter’s reaction to the play was it was very funny. She loved the humor the king and queen used. They would often dance and act silly on stage and she loves anything that is funny at the age of seven. She appeared actively engaged when these two were on stage. Her favorite character was the evil enchantress who was the one that took Rapunzel from her parents. She told me that this actor made her laugh when she was on stage and she loved her colorful costume. She of course liked Rapunzel as she was the main character and found her long hair to be very beautiful. She has blonde hair herself and wondered if her hair could be that long someday! The other part my daughter liked is when the actors came into the audience. She found this very exciting. Overall, she said it was enjoyable!


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