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The Civil War and Income Tax – What’s the Connection?

The deadline to submit your tax returns is approaching – April 15 is just around the corner. Meet Chicago Northwest wants to offer some relief. Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy these interesting and odd tax tidbits.

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  • Federal income taxes were first introduced with the Revenue Act Of 1861 to fund the Civil War.Deals graphic
  • Form1040 form was introduced in 1913; it was only 3 pages long.
  • In 1691, England taxed the number of windows on a house. People built houses with fewer windows or closed up the windows they already had. When this became a health issue, the tax was repealed in 1851.
  • Russian Emperor Peter the Great placed a tax on beards in 1705 to encourage men to shave.
  • In Chicago, candy that is prepared with flour is taxed as food at 1%, while candy that is prepared without flour is taxed as candy at 6.25%.
  • Salt was a very popular thing to tax because consuming it is necessary to humans. The British placed a tax on salt, and the salt tax gained worldwide attention when Ghandi staged nonviolent protests against it.
  • In Britain, Lady Godiva made her famous ride as a tax protest.

And for all you thieves reading this blog, take note…

  • The IRS taxes stolen property. The 1040 instructions say that you should report it as stolen property. However, doing that would be self-incrimination, from which we are protected by the Constitution; therefore, one has the option of reporting it as “other income”.

Don’t forget to file and smile!

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