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When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Hand Sanitizer

Itasca, IL (March, 2020) Joe Gregor of Church Street Brewing Company has used his chemist skills to make a big batch of hand sanitizer which they have been giving to customers and to First Responders in the community.

Craft Beer is a unique industry that through individualism and community has managed to thrive amidst the ‘big guys’. With the arrival of COVID-19, small and medium businesses are feeling the fear as most of them do not have the deep pockets to withstand a period of no sales or closed doors.

But when award-winning Church Street Brewing Company located in Itasca had to close their tap room last week, Joe and Lisa Gregor stayed focused on what they could do, not what they could not.

Curbsite delivery through Square. Within a few days, SquareUp store added this feature. Now you can order your beer online, drive to the tap room in Itasca, and they will bring it out to your car to you along with a free bottle of hand sanitizer.

And don’t worry, they’ve used the hand sanitizer before bringing the beer out to you. Normal cleanliness procedures have been adjusted to more frequent cleaning of doorknobs, employees that touch money and more. They want to keep you and your loved ones safe while still getting to you some #RighteouslyGoodBeer.

The Illinois Liquor Commission has also allowed craft brewers to temporarily deliver to residences. Take advantage of this while you can! For a $5 delivery fee and if you are five miles from the tap room, call 630-438-5725 or send an email to, and they will deliver the beer to you.

Or continue to come in to the store and purchase to go 4 Packs of their #RighteouslyGoodBeer, with of course, a free bottle of hand sanitizer. It’s great to see our customers in the midst of this.

“In the midst of instability, one of our favorite places gave us comfort with curbside service. Thank you for great customer service … and hand sanitizer. We’ll always be dedicated customers!”

1480 Industrial Drive Unit C Itasca IL 60143


Contact: Lisa Gregor

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